Ganga Mandir, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

ganga mandir

Ganga Mandir was built by Maharaja Balwant Singh in Bharatpur in the year 1845. It took about 90 years to build this temple built in the heart of Bharatpur city. The construction of this temple lasted till the reign of five kings and the construction of this temple was completed during the reign of Maharaja Brajendra Singh.

Ganga Mandir-Bharatpur

Maharaja Balwant Singh of Bharatpur did not have any children, after a long time, when he got a child, he decided to build a temple of Ganga Mata in Bharatpur on the advice of his priest. This temple is one of the most beautiful temples of Bharatpur. Inside the temple there is a very beautiful idol of Ganga Mata made of white marble.

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It is a two storied temple, the walls and pillars of the temple have exquisite carvings. Every year innumerable devotees come here. The prosperous residents of Bharatpur are said to have donated a month’s salary for the construction of the Ganga temple. Gangajal is distributed in the prasad to all the devotees who come here for darshan.

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The Ganga Mandir opens at 5 in the morning and closes at 12 noon, after which the Ganga temple remains open from 5 pm to 10 pm. During the time of Ganga Saptami and Ganga Dussehra, there is a crowd of devotees here.

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