• Neha Video Film Production is a fully integrated film production house. We are make full-length feature films, tv serial, commercials, music videos, special events, still shoots. our unit work with many consumer brands, properties, agencies and professional services clients across digital, television and print media.

– Sanjeev Kuntal

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Neha Video Film Production

Neha Video Film Production is top film production house. The company was founded Led by Sanjeev Kuntal. Neha Video Film Production has gone on to produce more than 21 Short films, 107 Documentarys & 4 Films in 22 Years and along with this many tv advertisements also made. In this time Neha Video Film Production raise many artists and gave them a chance to show their performence.

Sanjeev Kuntal

Sanjeev Kuntal CEO & Founder

Sanjeev Kuntal made his directorial debut at age 22 with a Short films, over the last 18 years, he has directed and written critically and commercially acclaimed. The multi-faceted Sanjeev wears many caps with ease. Besides being an acclaimed director and one of the most influential men in the industry today, Sanjeev is also a television personality, a Video Editor and the latest feather in his cap is that of being an actor.

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Shoot music video, films, commercial TV advertising

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