Govardhan Parikrama

Govardhan Parikrama

Govardhan hill is also famous for 21 KM long Parikrama, it’s symbolizes faith for people, These is two parikramas are known as small and big Govardhan Parikrama, it takes 5 to 6 hours to complete a big parikrama. Devotees from all over India come here to circumambulate the Govardhan mountain and get the blessings of Lord Krishna.

In Govardhan Parikrama, how many devotees are there?

The major festivals here are Govardhan Puja and Guru Purnima. Lakhs of devotees come here on these festivals and there is a huge increase in the number of devotees coming here. Let us tell you that there is no fixed time for circumambulation. The circumambulation can be done at any time. But the circumambulation done by rules and regulations is considered correct. Watch this video to know the rules and regulations of Parikrama.

How to do Govardhan Parikrama – Rules and Regulations

Some people perform dandavat parikrama, which takes a week for the person to complete. The dandavat parikrama is done lying down and the place where one has to take rest is marked. After resting for some time, the circumambulation is started again from the marked place.

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Why Govardhan Parikrama is done

To save the people of Braj from the wrath of the water god Indra, Lord Krishna carried the Govardhan mountain on his little finger for 7 days. Indra rained heavily but all the Brajwasis came under the Govardhan mountain. After 7 days, when Indra could not harm the people of Braj, Indra’s pride was broken. Indra apologized to Lord Krishna. Even today the whole of Braj celebrates this event as if it was only yesterday.

If you want to do the complete circumambulation of 21 km and due to some reason you are not able to come for the Govardhan Parikrama, then you watch this video, in which the complete Govardhan Parikrama has been shown.

Complete Govardhan Parikrama

how the Dandavat Parikrama is done

You will get to see many temples and places of interest during Govardhan Parikrama. Among which are the major temples and places of interest, Daanghati Mandir, Sankarshan Kund, Shri Radha-Govind Temple, Poonchari ka Lotha Temple, Radha Kund & Shyam Kund, Kusum Sarovar.

How to do Govardhan Parikrama

Parikrama can be completed in one day but due to some reason you cannot walk 21 km in a day then you can break it in 2-3 days. If you do not have time and energy, then you can do parikrama with the help of e-rickshaw. Parikrama should be done barefoot. If you can’t do that, there are soft sleepers available at the shops that you can wear and walk on. In summer, start the parikrama early in the morning, this will help you avoid the sun. If you want to watch complete Govardhan Parikrama with story then you must watch this video.

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