Kusum Sarovar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (india)

Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar falls on the Govardhan Parikarma road between Govardhan and Radha Kund, this place is a historical monument made of sandstone. Near this monument Narada Kund is situated, where Narada ji wrote the Bhakti Sutra. This place is a very ancient place. It is said that Lord Krishna used to meet Radha here.

Radha used to come here with her friends to pick flowers for worship and during that time Lord Krishna also came to meet them, it is very beautiful to see, which attracts tourists to a large extent, due to which hundreds of tourists came daily. The view of evening and night is very special here. This place is also famous as the site of Kusum Van, Kusuma Sakhi’s kunj and Lord Krishna Radha leela time of Ras Leela.

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Earlier this historic pond was raw from all sides, which was properly constructed in the 17th century by Veer Singh Dev, the ruler of Orchha, later it was renovated by King Surajmal of Bharatpur to give it an artistic and beautiful appearance, the surrounding gardens were built. After this, Jawahar Singh, son of Maharaja SurajMal, also got many beautiful things built. In memory of his father (Suraj Mal) Jawahar Singh also built a memorial here. If you also want to see the beauty of this place, then you must come at once.

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